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Welcome to our Service Families page!


At Oreston, we understand that being a service family will come with a real mix of pride and also unsettling times for all members of the family. We want to provide a supportive, structured and happy environment for children who have a parent or parents in the services, particularly during times of separation. 


We are open to suggestions and if anyone has any recommendations on further support that we can provide for the children then we would love to hear from you. 


In the meantime, we hope you find the websites useful.


Miss Ritchie

Service Family Coffee Morning

Useful Contacts


Radford Family Centre: 01752 406680

Friends and Families of Deployed Units (FAFDU): 01752 406680

UK/LF Combat Support Group: 01752 836307 / 836906

RM Stonehouse: 01752 836906

Assault Squadron RM: 01752 836307

42 Commando RM: 01752 836906

Plymouth HIVE: 01752 286138