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Year 6 have been busy setting up our new School Parliament. We are very proud of our pupil voice groups that we run across the school, but they do work in isolation of each other. So, we have devised a new school parliament in Year 6 that brings all the groups together. Each minister will attend the Pupil Voice Groups and bring back the ideas for the parliament to consider. The children in Year 6 were tasked to create a speech to outline why they wish to fulfill their chosen positions. These were all amazing and a massive well done to all the children who took part. The voting results are below:

Prime Minister - Amelie B

Prime Minister - James P

Eco Minister - Emily D

Deputy Eco Minister - Zadie S

YET Minister - Sonny C

Deputy YET Minister - Rebecca G

Sports Minister - Arlo A

Deputy Sports Minister - Emily F

Food Critic Minister - Harry B

Deputy Food Critic Minister - Megan A

School Council Minister - Isabel C

Deputy School Council Minister - Jack P

Due to Covid, we cannot meet as we normally would but we are getting very used to using the virtual world so we will elect representatives from each year group after half term. Well done to our new school parliament. 

Video's by our Prime Minister's

Introducing Children in Need. 

A message of thanks from our school ministers about Children in Need...