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Picture 1 We went to Paignton Zoo.
Picture 2 We took turns being Guy Fawkes.
Picture 3 In English we asked Guy Fawkes questions!
Picture 4 Starting our firework pictures.
Picture 5 We made firework pictures using crayons.
Picture 6 We used tie-dye on our T-shirts.
Picture 7 We used bright colours.
Picture 8 Cooking food from St Lucia for our carnival.
Picture 9 Making chicken kebabs.
Picture 10 Our carnival!
Picture 11 We planted sunflower seeds in pots.
Picture 12 In RE we made a happy human logo.
Picture 13 We tried to date how old buildings were.
Picture 14 We made a timeline for buildings in Plymouth.
Picture 15 In ICT using Dance Mat Typing.
Picture 16 Touch typing in ICT.
Picture 17 Working hard in Maths!
Picture 18 We have been using a blank number line to divide.
Picture 19 During anti-bullying week we did activities.
Picture 20 Planning our own Christmas crackers.
Picture 21 In D.T we looked at Christmas crackers.
Picture 22 We took care painting our buildings.
Picture 23 Painting our Plymouth buildings.
Picture 24 In Science we measured how far our eruption went.
Picture 25 We made our volcanoes erupt!
Picture 26 Team building at Saltram.
Picture 27 Our trip to Plymouth to look at buildings.
Picture 28 Making our buildings in D.T.
Picture 29 We used our plans to make our buildings.
Picture 30 Our books about St Lucia.
Picture 31 Our food for our carnival.
Picture 32 We studied the plants carefully.
Picture 33 We went to the allotment to sketch plants.
Picture 34 We added labels to our sketches.
Picture 35 We have been learning about Darwin and adaptations
Picture 36 Searching for worms!
Picture 37 Can you spot the best camouflaged worms?
Picture 38 We made our own volcanoes with papier mache. (
Picture 39 Painting our volcanoes.
Picture 40 We took care painting our volcanoes.