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Pictures 2014-2015

Please click on the link below to see some photographs from events held at school during 2014-2015.
Picture 1 Dinner looks lovely!
Picture 2 National Roast Dinner Day
Picture 3 Some of our Choir members.
Picture 4 Nursery raising money for Children in Need!
Picture 5 Foundation raising money for Children in Need!
Picture 6 Miss Boston, Miss Trafford and Mrs Bagshaw.
Picture 7 Great Shot!!
Picture 8 Busy Selling Cakes!
Picture 9 How many Jelly Beans are in the Jar?
Picture 10 What a fabulous cake!
Picture 11 who won this?
Picture 12 Raffle tickets.
Picture 13 Our entertainment-they were fabulous!
Picture 14 Wet Sponge throwing.
Picture 15 Miss Boston guessing the amount of Jelly Beans.
Picture 16 Mr Stride in his Onesie and Jess in her PJ's (
Picture 17 20 Pj's and Onesie's
Picture 18 Jack and his mum with Squire Booga.
Picture 19 Jack, his mum and Jill.
Picture 20 Jack met Old Mother Hubbard.
Picture 21 A 'Golden Egg'!
Picture 22 In nursery rhyme land, Jack also met Humpty Dumpty
Picture 23 The cast of Jack and the Beanstalk!