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Oreston Community Academy

Oreston Community Academy

Forces Families

We understand the unique challenges that come with being part of a forces family. Below is a list of resources and downloadable guides aimed to provide you with the support and information you need.

Armed Forces Covenant

The official UK government site outlining the nation's obligations to its armed forces members and their families. This is your go-to source for advice and services on matters ranging from housing to healthcare.

Royal British Legion - Support for Service Children

Dive into policy, research, and practical guides that are designed to help you understand and navigate the support systems available for service children.

SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity

This charity provides lifelong support to forces members and their families. Whether you’re in need of emotional support or practical advice, SSAFA is here to assist.

Little Troopers

Specifically focused on the youngest members of forces families, this site offers resources to help children deal with the unique challenges they face.

Reading Force

Encourages families to share books to maintain a sense of closeness, even when separated. This initiative provides free books and scrapbooks to facilitate reading as a shared family activity.

Downloadable PDFs:

Making sense of the Emotional Cycle of Deployment for children

A guide designed to help children understand and cope with the emotional aspects of a parent's deployment.

The experience of parental absence in Royal Navy and Royal Marines families

This PDF focuses on the unique experiences of Royal Navy and Royal Marines families when a parent is absent due to service commitments.