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Oreston Community Academy

Oreston Community Academy


Curriculum Intent

At the centre of our Curriculum Intent is the desire for children to have a wealth of important knowledge and skills with which to achieve and make progress both in school and beyond. The curriculum has been designed and organised in a manner that spirals outwards, constantly building upon previous learning and experiences in which to access the next part of their learning journey. Children begin their topics with a ‘wow moment’ which activates and stimulates curiosity. The class teacher then harnesses this energy to take the children deep into the subject matter’s knowledge and skill bank. Teaching and modelling excellent questioning is crucial to the curriculum design and all our topics start with a question with which to agitate and encourage discussion. We aim to meet the needs of all learners, supporting and challenging all children to achieve their best. We use a broad range of teaching strategies that take into account the ways in which children learn in order to develop their engagement, motivation and creativity.

Our location and community are also a big part of the curriculum design as we are on the doorstep of areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as Radford Park, Hooe Lake and the waterfront. These are carefully incorporated into the curriculum design so that children’s knowledge and skills progress in environments that are accessible, enriching and familiar to them. Alongside this, our precious school resources such as our award-winning school allotment are also drawn upon to create able, knowledgeable citizens of the future. We encourage our children to share their learning with each other, their families and the wider community through our Learning Challenges and Celebration Eveningtoprovide a real meaning and celebration of learning.

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Curriculum Rationales