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Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Fishwick, Mrs Bryant Miss Currie and Miss Cleary all welcome you to the Nursery Team page.


This term our theme is: 'Why Can't I Eat Chocolate for Breakfast?'


Food glorious food! We’ll find out why we can’t eat chocolate for every meal, which foods are healthy and more in this project about food, mealtimes and nutrition.


We’ll be starting off with a story based around chocolate where we will get a chance to explore the properties of chocolate as we melt it for some tasty fruit and marshmallow dipping!


As we discover more about our food likes and dislikes, we will also think about what we used to eat when we were babies and will be chopping, mashing and mixing different fruit and vegetables to make baby food.

We will go on a journey to different countries to find out about traditional dishes. There will lots of opportunities to make and serve play foods in our cafes from around the world as well as carrying out some cooking activities to create a range of dishes.


We will also be planting and growing foods in our allotment which we will check on regularly to watch them grow and look after them. Alongside of this we will look at different food related jobs such as farming, bakers and waiters. Here, there will be lots of opportunities to develop mark making skills with menus and shopping lists.


Throughout the term we will be considering which foods we can eat lots of and which ones we should save for a treat as we explore different food groups. Looking after our teeth and regular brushing will also be a focus.


How can you help your child at home?


Why not carry out some simple cooking activities at home such as chopping fruit to make fruit kebabs. Making and planning a family picnic could involve writing shopping lists, visiting the shop and making sandwiches together.

Share some traditional stories related to food such as The Gingerbread Man, Hansel and Gretal and The Magic Porridge Pot.


Using our mathematical skills, we’ll weigh different foods and practise ordering numbers. We’ll investigate what is inside different foods, smelling and handling them.


We love chocolate, and we’ll get chance to explore its sensory and scientific properties.


At the end of the project, we’ll shop for some familiar characters and reflect on our favourite foods. We’ll play games that involve using our senses to guess the foods.


Welcome and Information for parents/carers of children starting in Nursery in Sept 2021