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Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Gallacher, Mrs Fishwick, Mrs Currie and Miss Cleary all welcome you to the Nursery Team page.


This term our theme is: 'Where can we explore?'


We will begin this theme by exploring the area nearest to us with a visit to the play park just behind the school. We will then move on to the story, 'The Everywhere Bear'. This book is about a nursery bear who gets taken to all sorts of different places by the children, going home with a different child each week. We are hoping that the children will be able to send in photo's and video's (via Tapestry) showing their own bears in lots of different places in the local environment - or further afield!


 As we have lots of building work taking place in our local area we will use this opportunity to explore construction and building sites. We are planning to take the children on a minibus tour of Saltram Meadow and/or Sherford so that they can see building work taking place and see some of the construction vehicles in action! Back in nursery we will be creating small world building sites and using a range of construction materials to create our own structures.

As the children usually love their structures to be as high and long as possible we will linking this into making skyscrapers and bridges. This will be with commercial construction resources as well as junk modelling. We are hoping to have another minibus trip out of nursery to take the children on a journey to Tamar bridge so that they can look at a real bridge within Plymouth.

Alongside of all our construction exploration we will be sharing the traditional story, 'The Three Little Pigs'. We will use role play and story maps to help the children explore and become really familiar with this story so that they can start to retell it independently.


Through this story and other aspects of this theme we will also support the children to use and create simple picture and photo maps. Using these, and our small world resources, we will be extending the children's knowledge and language so that they can begin to describe familiar routes and describe positions. As part of this we will be providing opportunities for the children to make and use trains and buses for pretend journeys, using chairs and cushions for seats. 


To explore our theme further we will be considering with the children different 'adventurous' exploration opportunities. This will be related to their interests but these often include play opportunities relating to space travel and camping adventures.


How can you help your child at home?

Walks and car (or bus) journey's in the local area provide lots of opportunities to talk about routes and help your child recall how they get to different places and identify what they go past on the way. Using Duplo and wooden blocks to create buildings and little towns helps to develop your child's understanding of position and routes. Maybe you can take in turns to hide a small figure in the town and then give clues to help find the figure e.g. it is next to the road / it is behind the police station/ it is under the bridge etc.

Your child could use their dolls and teddies to make play buses / trains. They may want to cut up paper to make tickets and take the role of the driver. There would also be lots of maths learning, counting up and down, to see how many passengers there are as they get on or off the bus. 

Welcome and Information for parents/carers of children starting in Nursery in Sept 2022