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Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Gallacher, Mrs Fishwick, Mrs Currie and Miss Cleary all welcome you to the Nursery Team page.


This term our theme is: 'Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?'


If you go down to the woods today… will likely find familiar favourites like The Gruffalo and Little Red Riding Hood as we delve into these well-known woodland stories, using them as a basis for discussion around what creatures live in the woods and what natural objects we can find there. We’ll also be sharing less well known, but equally as rich, stories such as The Wild Woods by Simon James.


As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, we’ll be fully embracing the beauty of Autumn to explore the changes that this glorious season brings. We’ll be taking advantage of our Nursery’s location and heading out on little adventures through the local woods and our own allotment. Whilst there we will be collecting ‘treasures’ (following a briefing on what things are safe to pick up!) and will bring these back to Nursery to explore.


We will take our exploration of natural objects, such as crispy leaves, conkers and acorns even further by utilising them across many areas of our play such as using them to imprint in playdough, practice making snips safely, print paint patterns and thread to make necklaces. Our maths will also be linked to our topic, where possible, as small, natural objects lend themselves perfectly to counting, ordering and comparing.


We are sure many children will be excited about Halloween being just around the corner and we will lightly touch upon this, in relation to our topic, by exploring pumpkins in all manner of colours and sizes.


As well as gathering crispy leaves, we will be learning about what else is harvested at this time of year and will take part in the whole school Harvest Festival. We will use this as a context to talk about the importance of sharing what we have with others who may have less. After all of that foraging, we think a hearty soup will be in order and we will support the children to cut up vegetables safely to make a delicious, warming vegetable soup.


How can you help your child at home?


You might like to wrap up warm, don the wellies and head out on your own family woodland walk. Let your senses do the exploring as you stomp through crispy leaves, splash in muddy puddles and name the changing colours of the leaves. You could collect some natural treasure (twigs, leaves, pine cones etc.) and use them to make a collage. You could also use the objects to explore number – how many do you have? Who has the most? Are there more sticks or more stones?

We really like the Percy the Park Keeper series of stories by Nick Butterworth and many of these are available as videos on YouTube (though please supervise your child whilst watching YouTube).


Welcome and Information for parents/carers of children starting in Nursery in Sept 2022