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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!


The chair of Oreston Community Academy governing body is Mrs Anne Newall, who can be contacted via the governors’ clerk, Jane Bellamy,, or at the postal address below.


Mrs A. Newall
c/o Oreston Community Academy

27 Oreston Road

What role do we have?

In partnership with the staff and our Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST) partners, the local governing body have responsibility for raising school standards through the three key roles:


  • Setting strategic direction,
  • Ensuring accountability, and
  • Acting as a critical friend.


We are part of the local community and we work on behalf of the parents, staff, children and the friends of our community school.


In raising standards we have three key focus areas:


  • Safeguarding, Behaviour and Welfare
  • Achievement and Standards
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Pupil Premium


Supporting all of the above, we have:


  • Health & Safety and Premises
  • Finance, Enterprise and Human Resources (HR)


These Governors meet regularly with the responsible member(s) of the staff team to review, guide and support the work of the school throughout the year. 


Our role as Governors is to ensure that all our children have the resources they need to meet their full potential. Specific Governors also align with key curriculum areas and focus groups in order to support and get a feel for the day to day work of the school.


We meet six times a year as a full Governing Body to review progress against the key areas which are reflected in the school improvement plan.


Safeguarding, Behaviour and Welfare.


The safety and happiness of all our children is paramount.  Safeguarding policies and practices exist to identify safeguarding issues and deal appropriately with issues in good time. As Governors will receive regular reviews of policies, updates on current concerns and will ensure updated training is provided across the school. Also, if necessary, Governors will ensure that finances are made available should they be required to address any concerns or initiatives.


Health & Safety and Premises


This area covers a variety of subjects covering buildings and security. School safety is the key underlying theme and Governors will conduct regular assessments of the premises and facilities, engage with the local authority and WeST to ensure that standards are maintained and improved.


Wherever possible the children are involved in the projects; they regularly experience the seasonal changes in the allotment, the food focus group continue to transform the lunch time menu and the school council regularly report with their well-considered ideas for improvement! Environmental awareness is an important feature of our curriculum and we have always developed our school's facilities accordingly.


Achievement and Standards


Governors work closely with the teaching team to review all aspects of teaching and learning in the school including curriculum planning, SEN provision and, of course, the monitoring of standards and results.

The Governors are keen to ensure that the stated vision of an imaginative and enriched curriculum is pursued and to support the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in ensuring that the resources are made available to provide all pupils with the best possible range of learning opportunities. We also consult with the SLT on school trips and other outside the classroom experiences such as the use of the allotment and local area.



SEND and Pupil Premium


Governors and the school are committed to ensuring that the best provision is available for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Governors work with the SEND team to ensure policies and practice are regularly updated in line with legislation and best practice.

Appropriate and timely identification of need and action planning to support effective learning is part of the oversight role of the lead Governor. Also, ensuring that Pupil Premium monies are applied appropriately and with effective outcomes for pupils.



Finance, Enterprise and HR


The Governors are responsible for ensuring that the Academy runs a balanced budget and has the resources needed to drive school improvement. This role involves not only ensuring that central funding is used effectively but also that we are being enterprising in the use of our facilities. We also assess funding for any special projects we wish to take forward on behalf of our community.


Governors are consulted on all aspects of staffing ensuring the budget is used to maximise the level of quality teaching available to the children. They will assist in the recruitment of new staff and monitor the effective use of human resources.


Mrs Anne Newall

Chair of Governors

Oreston Community Academy