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Welcome to Foundation!


Mr Mantell, Mrs Howarth, Mrs Chambers and Miss Hurley all welcome you to the Foundation Team page.


This term our theme is: 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' 


Incy Wincy spider climbed up the waterspout! Why do ladybirds have spots? Why do spiders spin webs?

It’s time to find out more about minibeasts and their habitats. This term, we’ll visit our allotment to carry out a minibeast safari! Magnifying glasses clutched firmly in hands, we’ll look under logs, leaves and stones for creatures that wriggle, crawl or fly.


We’ll find out about minibeast habitats, features and colours, and compare them. Observing snails in a tank, we’ll think about how they move. Can we move like that too? We’ll also move like ants, working together to collect and carry objects to move and rebuild a structure, piece by piece.


To get to know these creepy crawlies better. Can we predict what will be these minibeasts’ favourite foods? In our literacy sessions, we’ll use sequential vocabulary to retell stories, and write our own short stories.

Getting creative, we’ll make leaf confetti, minibeast finger puppets, and learn to waggle dance like a bee.


We will be visiting our allotment to look for minibeasts. We will draw the minibeasts that we can see. We will count how many different minibeasts we can you find. We will make a ‘minibeast hotel’ after researching what minibeasts need and take photographs of places that we think minibeasts might live. We will ask ourselves why they might live there? We will collect a selection of pebbles and paint them to make them look like different minibeasts. We will read lots of books that are linked to minibeasts including fiction and non-fiction. We will create a recipe for a snack for a very hungry caterpillar! We learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly by looking after our very own caterpillars! We will be doing lots of writing and making our own minibeast fact books to share with our family and friends.


How can you help your child at home?


Minibeasts are marvellous! Why not visit your local pet shop together and take a look at some exotic minibeasts. Can you find out what countries they came from? You could also try worm charming in your garden. Put a large hoop on an area of earth, water the area with a watering can, and tap your fingers lightly on the ground. Can you entice any worms to the surface? Alternatively, read minibeast-themed stories together, such as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, to find out more about these incredible creatures.


Please continue to visit our Team Page for regular updates and photographs that record our learning from this term.


We will be using our class pages to share games and websites that will support your child's learning and development. 


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Thank you, enjoy our page!




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