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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Mr Stevens, Miss Langton, Miss Minter and 
Mrs Howard all welcome you to the Year 1 Team Page.


Miss Langton's class are very lucky to have Miss Walker supporting with their learning this term! Welcome Miss Walker, we hope you enjoy your next few weeks with us and we look forward to your return in the summer term!

Our theme this term is `The Victorians`. For more information about which famous people the children are learning about, please view the Term's Work for Parents letters.

Please continue to visit our Team Page for regular updates and photographs that record our learning. If you have any enquiries about the content of this page, please contact a member of Teaching Staff or complete the entry slip in the contact section of this website.

Thank you, enjoy our page!

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The Victorians

The Victorians 1 We wrote Florence Nightingale Fact Files!
The Victorians 2 We dressed up as Victorians!


RE 1 We used playdough to make diva lamps!