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Welcome to Oreston Community Academy!
We believe that Oreston offers a distinctive and special educational experience which we are proud of. We hope further investigation of our website will reflect this, but we also know that this is best experienced first hand!
Our website has been set up with the intention of offering something of interest to a wide range of visitors who would like to know more about the Academy. By clicking on the relevant link on the Lighthouse symbol you can find out more information which we hope will interest you as a child, parent or professional.

Should you require further information, please 
contact us direct with any queries you may have.

Thank you for visiting!

Mark Ackers
Principal / Headteacher
Picture 1 Mr Mark Ackers Principal/Headteacher
Picture 2 Inside a Key Stage 1 Classroom
Picture 3 Our new sports kit
Picture 4 Our Outdoor Area
Picture 5 Inside a Key Stage 2 Classroom
Picture 6 Welcome to Oreston
Picture 7 Inside the Main Entrance
Picture 8 Foundation Team - Messy time is fun!
Picture 9 Healthy snack
Picture 10 Our Allotment in full bloom!