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Non Teaching Staff



Lynne Thomson
Business Manager
Emma Barrett

Senior Administrator
Admissions and Attendance Officer

Clerk to Governors

Penny Bernard

Enterprise Officer

Administrative/Financial Assistant


Coral Bell

Office Apprentice


Steven Fleming Computing Network and Systems Manager
Lewis Jessop Computing Technician






Kim Fletcher Lead Meal Time Assistant/Premises Assistant
Natalie Kelley Caretaker


Lighthouse Club

Julie Stevens Lighthouse Club Manager
Angela Houghton Lighthouse Club Playleader
Jessica Bagshawe Lighthouse Club Playleader
Chris Pitt
Lighthouse Club Playleader
Kelly Boston Lighthouse Club Finance
Tracey Frost
Lighthouse Club Playworker
Jami Jones Lighthouse Club Playworker
Lara Jones Lighthouse Club Playworker
Hannah Howard Lighthouse Club Playworker 
Tracey Doidge Lighthouse Club Playworker