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Goodbye Year 6

Goodbye Year 6 and very well done!

Next Friday we will say goodbye to our Year 6 children as they leave for secondary education.

As usual we will be sorry to see them go and thank them for the many and various ways they have represented Oreston during their time with us.


We believe that they are now well equipped and ready for their next educational step.

I would like to thank the children who have been excellent ambassadors and representatives for Oreston and their parents/carers for the continued support they have shown the school.


We wish the following children the very best of luck at their new schools!




Connor A

Jordan A

Jack B

Poppy B

Jess B

Jacob C

Olive E

Amelie F

Toby J

Charlotte K

Olivia L

Isaac P

Jake P

Neve P

Jack R

Isabel S

Harry S

Erin T

Abi T

Ryan W

Oliver W


Layla B

Summer B

Zack B

Soraya B

Loris C

Maddy C

Lily-May F

Evie H

Jamie H

Lucy J

Amelia N

Emily N

Maddy P

George P

Lauren P

Elsa S

Harry S

Tia T

Ruby T

Harry T

Poppy W

Cyrena W

Danny W