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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!

What role do we have?

In partnership with the Principal and his staff we have responsibility for raising school standards through the three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and by acting as a critical friend. We are part of the local community and work on behalf of parents, staff, children and the friends of our community school.

In order to achieve this aim we have grouped our efforts and time in three committees.  We also meet a number of times a year as a full Governing Body. Each of the committees works closely with our dedicated and talented staff to ensure all our children have the resources they need to meet their full potential.
We also align ourselves with specific curriculum areas and focus groups in order to support and get a feel for the day to day work of the school.

Finance and Personnel

The Finance & Personnel committee overseas the Academy's budget in a number of ways; monitoring our various income streams, planning and monitoring expenditure and allocating resources to different areas throughout the financial year. It also assesses funding for any special projects we wish to take forward on behalf of our community. The committee also deals with all aspects of staffing ensuring the budget is used to maximise the level of quality teaching available to the children. It will assist in the recruitment of new staff and monitors the effective use of human resources.

Curriculum and Standards

Curriculum and Standards work closely with the teaching team to review all aspects of teaching and learning in the school including curriculum planning, SEN provision and, of course, the monitoring of standards and results.  The committee are keen to ensure that the stated vision of an imaginative and enriched curriculum is pursued and to support the Senior Leadership Team in ensuring that the resources are made available to give all pupils the best possible range of learning opportunities.  We also consult with the team on school trips and other outside the classroom experiences such as the use of the allotment and local area. 

Safeguarding and Premises

The committee covers a variety of subjects ranging from buildings and security to the operation of the new ‘Orestaurant’ and engagement with the local community.  School safety is always a key underlying theme and this includes regular assessments of the premises and facilities, engagement with the local authorities and the on-going repair and maintenance activities that are required to keep our school going!  Wherever possible the children are involved in the projects; they regularly experience the seasonal changes in the allotment, the food focus group continue to transform the lunch time menu and the school council regularly report with their well considered ideas for improvement! Environmental awareness is an important feature of our curriculum and we have also developed our school’s facilities accordingly.  Recent projects include the building of the allotment area, structure preservation, solar panel assessment and rain water harvesting. Not to forget the new first floor extension in the main building!! 

Trustees and Members had no relevant business or pecuniary interest in the school during the financial year ending 31st August 2016.