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Mrs Howarth, Mrs Burridge, Miss Roberts, Miss Jones and Mrs Chambers all welcome you to the Foundation Team page.


This term our Theme is 'Children Around the World'. For more information about what the children are going to be learning about during the theme, please view the Term's Work for Parents letter saved in the team's folder.

Please continue to visit our Team Page for regular updates. We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our learning from this term.

You will also find any copies of letters that have been sent home to Parents and Carers at the bottom of the page.

If you have any queries or questions about your child’s learning please contact your child’s Class Teacher who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Thank you, enjoy our page!


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Children Around the World.

Children Around the World. 1 We made Arctic pictures.
Children Around the World. 2 We had a chance to make are own Spring Rolls.
Children Around the World. 3 Look ! We've made The great wall of china.
Children Around the World. 4 We used Ipads to explore stories.
Children Around the World. 5 Making number sentences with Numicon spinners.
Children Around the World. 6 Making igloos with sugar cubes
Children Around the World. 7 Xiau Bai taught us to paint Chinese flowers.
Children Around the World. 8 Xiau Bai taught us to paint Chinese flowers.

September Induction Presentation 2017

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Previous Term Photos Adventures 2
Previous Term Photos Adventures 3 We made castles.
Previous Term Photos Adventures 4 Painting Dinosaurs.
Previous Term Photos Adventures 5 We made Knights with tin foil.
Previous Term Photos Adventures 6 We can order Numicon.
Previous Term Photos Adventures 7 Look ! Dinosaurs in ice eggs.